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Come see the mailboxes we have for sale!

Well, now that the 2011/2012 winter season is behind us and the snow plows and briners are parked yet again, let’s take a look and assess the damage that was done to our mailboxes this winter season. Wait no, let’s try a different angle….

Now that your mailboxes have taken no abuse because of the very mild winter, let’s reassess our curbside image. What is your curb saying about you?

We are a good month plus ahead of years past in getting our lawns in shape. There has been more mulch sold in February and March of this year than in the past 40 years! So why wait? The weather is beautiful! Temperatures in the 70s in March?  The ground is soft, so you can start digging for your new mailbox now.

Come in and see our selection of beautiful Whitehall and Special Lite mailboxes and plaques. We look forward to seeing you!

Dave Nyce, Store Manager

Products shown above: Boulevard Home Mail box by Special Lite and Mailboxes by Whitehall

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