Summer Heat

Hot days ahead!

Are YOU ready for the summer heat?

Summer. It’s a wonderful time of year, especially if you enjoy being outdoors. This year has been more wet than usual, or so it seems. It’s worth it though to see everything green and the flowers have been fantastic!  Along with summer comes the summer heat and humid days.

I know that a good night’s sleep is important to all of us. If it’s hot and humid in the house, sleep can elude us. What about you? Allergies can also be an issue for your family, clean and filtered air in the house could help a lot!

How can you prepare for a summer that has the best of both worlds, being out in it for activities and then coming home to comfort, as you enjoy the clean and fresh air?  Bergey’s Electric can help!

Some things to consider:
  1. Has your system been properly maintained? For peace of mind, should you consider a Maintenance Agreement?
  2. If your system is more than 10 years old, it may be operational, but maybe not the most efficient by today’s standards. Do you think it’s a good plan to know the system is old and you hope it doesn’t crash and burn in the hot days that are coming, only to be reminded by your spouse that we should have done something earlier?
  3. Maybe your house doesn’t have duct work; does that seem like a problem to get air conditioning? There are ways to get around that, consider a ductless system.
  4. High efficiency air cleaner helps reduce allergens in your home.
  5. Having zones with individual thermostats is a great way to be comfortable where you are, and save energy.

If I have stirred something of interest to you, we would like to talk to you.   Please call our phone number or visit our store, and we will be happy to assist you. Enjoy your comfortable summer!