Design Build

We offer custom design build services to help ease the process in an efficient and timely manner. We provide clients with the experience to create a seamless process that results in value and quality. From simple to more robust projects, we know how to make this process easy for the customer with a great result. Below are a few of our larger design build projects:

Repairs, Maintenance and Installations on:

  • Dock Mennonite Academy
  • Zeigler’s Apple Cider
  • Spruce Lake Retreat Center
  • Broad Theater
  • Alderfer’s Organic Eggs
  • B&H Industries
  • Ebenezer Bible Fellowship Church
  • Night Vision Devices
  • River Home Renovation Architectural home in New Hope, PA

We also have many customers who depend on Bergey’s Electric for their smaller scale design build projects.

Telephone: 215-723-5518

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Telephone: 215-723-5518

Helping Businesses Succeed

We have the great privilege of working with various local businesses on different levels. One of our more recent projects involve working on a design with the client on an upcoming movie theater. We’re always happy to be a part of creating something that will positively impact our community!