Will’s Retirement

After more than 50 years of dedicated service,  Will Bergey has retired to part time.

Will Bergey has been a staple here at Bergey’s Electric for more than 50 years.  He grew up learning the family business by following around his Dad and older brothers, Bob and Harold.  He started full-time after graduating high school.  After 50 years, he feels the time is right to retire into a part time position and step out of ownership.  BEI is pleased to announce, however, that he will still be a face in the showroom two days a week.

His experience in the electrical world is expansive.  He remembers repairing lamps, irons and mixers and other small appliances for customers after school each afternoon.  He later had some years in the field wiring homes, commercial and industrial jobs.  This experience has prepared him well for teaching new, young employees and helping customers with all their electrical needs or problems.

Will has a seen a lot of changes over these last 50 years.  He has had the privilege to work in helping grow the business with the first and second generation and now the third!  This third generation consists of Robert Bergey, Ron Bergey and Dale Bergey.  When he first started, they had 4 or 5 trucks which have now grown to 35.  Our staff has grown considerably as well, which includes many family members that play key roles in making the business run smoothly.

Will feels the key component to our success of 80 years in business is our committed, caring and competent employees.  It is a true blessing to have these honest and hardworking men and women who are like a family to us.  In fact, within our BEI family, we have two multi-generation families, the Landis’ and the Freed’s.

Another blessing Will cherishes is our loyal customers.  Many of our customers are generations that go back to his dad’s early years of starting the business, 1937 through the 40’s and the 50’s.  We pride ourselves in word of mouth advertising.  While BEI was built on “striving for excellence in our attitudes, our work and our service to customers who have entrusted their needs to us”, we are not perfect and at times have come up short.  For those occasions we are genuinely sorry and ask for your forgiveness and another chance.

Some words from Will:

“As I reflect back over these past 50 years, I am reminded how fast the years fly by.  My mind is flooded with memories and the many opportunities these past 50 years have offered.   I am thankful I was able to model a good work ethic to my three sons so they could grow and pursue their own ambitions and for my wife who supported me through the challenges of a family business.   I am also thankful for the opportunity to work alongside and for many great people.  For all this I am deeply grateful.  Thank you!  God is good!”