Coloring Changing Lights

Prism Downlights from Nora Lighting

Have you seen the latest and greatest in recessed lighting?  Color changing lights!  It’s pretty cool!

A statement from Nora Lighting:

“Nora Lighting makes it easy to adjust the color of light and color temperature to meet changing needs with the Bluetooth® mesh enabled PRISM Smart LED RGBW Retrofit Downlight. Available in 4″ or 5/6″ apertures in baffle or reflector styles with a deep cut-off providing visual comfort, the PRISM produces 750 to 800 lumens of 90+ CRI light. PRISM is programmable from 2700K to 4000K on the white color setting and offers thousands of RGBW color possibilities. Programed with a smartphone, then controlled by your smartphone or a handheld remote, the lights can be controlled all as one, by zone, by scene or one by one. PRISM can be easily retrofitted into existing 4″ , 5″ or 6″ housings or installed in new construction or remodel applications. PRISM is the new age in simple, affordable light control.”

Watch this video to learn even more.

Stop into our showroom and see them in action.  We have them installed above our front desk and a salesman can show you how they work.

Bergey’s Electric has them in stock so you can walk out that same day, product in hand.

Imagine all the fun you can have lighting your home!