Lighting Rebates!

Bergey’s Electric is proud to partner with PPL and PECO to offer contractor-specific lighting rebates.  These rebates are available to small businesses, schools, churches, and warehouses to improve their facilities by switching from high-wattage lighting, such as high-pressure sodium or metal halide, to energy-efficient LEDs. Amy, our rebate specialist, has worked with many businesses to … Read more

Christmas Light Safety

It’s the Christmas light season! Christmas lights are one of those things that add a sense of cheer to their surroundings. They also seem to be one of those items that you can’t get enough of. Add them in one spot, and you see another that needs them. Pretty soon, not only are lights everywhere, … Read more

Save Energy with LEDs

Save on energy and maintenance with LEDs For most businesses, parking lot and site lighting is a necessity.  Well-lit exteriors support in the security and safety of customers and staff alike.  However, when lamps go bad or start to dim, the security previously provided quickly turns to feelings of uncertainty. Traditional site lighting loses approximately … Read more

Bergey’s Electric Sales Counter

Bergey’s Electric Sales Counter UPDATE!  We are continuing to organize our Sales Counter at 2880 Penn Ave, Hatfield PA and the shelves are slowly filling up with recessed lights, exit signs, wire, LED tape light and more.  Not only that, but we also have limited selection of discontinued lighting fixtures.  Many of these fixtures are … Read more

Helping our Community Since 1937

83 years of being committed to our neighbors

Bergey’s Electric was founded by Willard Bergey in 1937 as he routinely helped with electrical repairs in his neighborhood. Now, 83 years later, we have maintained our founder’s commitment to helping our community with their repair needs. We take pride in our work and repairs throughout Montgomery, Berks, Bucks, Lehigh and Northampton counties.

Helping to keep your home safe

Your home is important to you, and an issue with its electrical system can threaten it. Our residential service technicians have years of experience helping our neighbors with their electrical repairs.  From panels to wiring, lighting to outlets, we have the experience to troubleshoot and repair any electrical problems that your home may encounter. We take pride in completing our work safely, and in protecting your home.

Repairing your appliances

Appliances make our lives simpler and easier. Our highly trained appliance repair department has years of experience repairing all different makes and models. When your appliances break, Bergey’s Electric can fix them and get your life back to normal.

Maintaining your comfort

Our dedicated team of HVAC specialists have a track record of helping our community with their heating and cooling needs. From repairing and maintaining existing systems to replacing old inefficient ones, Bergey’s Electric can keep you comfortable all year long.

Dock Woods Emergency Generator and ATS Installation

Daryl’s team from Bergey’s successfully installed the ATS for Dock Woods Retirement Home generator project. The new generator will provide backup power for the Oak Wood Court facility during utility outages. Contact Marlin Bergey at Bergey’s Electric for information on sales and installation for emergency power projects at your home or business, big or small!

Faith in the Marketplace

SAME SOWER AND SEED.  THE DIFFERENCE IS THE CONDITION OF THE SOIL.  MAY GOD CHALLENGE OUR MINDSET AS HE SPEAKS THROUGH JEFF VAN DUZER. In 2012, Ron Bergey attended a conference where Jeff Van Duzer spoke on the Biblical Theology of Business.  It “changed his mindset of how to do business”.  Ron wanted to share … Read more

Coloring Changing Lights

Prism Downlights from Nora Lighting Have you seen the latest and greatest in recessed lighting?  Color changing lights!  It’s pretty cool! A statement from Nora Lighting: “Nora Lighting makes it easy to adjust the color of light and color temperature to meet changing needs with the Bluetooth® mesh enabled PRISM Smart LED RGBW Retrofit Downlight. … Read more

Will’s Retirement

After more than 50 years of dedicated service,  Will Bergey has retired to part time. Will Bergey has been a staple here at Bergey’s Electric for more than 50 years.  He grew up learning the family business by following around his Dad and older brothers, Bob and Harold.  He started full-time after graduating high school. … Read more

Tape Lights

Tape Lights Light the Dark! It’s the end of the day and you need that one tool you hardly ever use to finish the job and go home. You know it’s in your truck somewhere. The sun is almost set and your stomach is growling for supper. You go to the back of your truck … Read more