Coloring Changing Lights

Prism Downlights from Nora Lighting Have you seen the latest and greatest in recessed lighting?  Color changing lights!  It’s pretty cool! A statement from Nora Lighting: “Nora Lighting makes it easy to adjust the color of light and color temperature to meet changing needs with the Bluetooth® mesh enabled PRISM Smart LED RGBW Retrofit Downlight. … Read more

Goodbye summer!

School is back in session and the summer heat is cooling down.  What adventures have you been on these last few months?  Here at Bergey’s Electric we have had people go on mission trips, vacations to Italy and Costa Rico, camping, trips to the shore, the mountains, amusement parks and much more!  All the while … Read more

Summer Heat

Hot days ahead! Are YOU ready for the summer heat? Summer. It’s a wonderful time of year, especially if you enjoy being outdoors. This year has been more wet than usual, or so it seems. It’s worth it though to see everything green and the flowers have been fantastic!  Along with summer comes the summer … Read more