Lighting Rebates!

Bergey’s Electric is proud to partner with PPL and PECO to offer contractor-specific lighting rebates.  These rebates are available to small businesses, schools, churches, and warehouses to improve their facilities by switching from high-wattage lighting, such as high-pressure sodium or metal halide, to energy-efficient LEDs.

Amy, our rebate specialist, has worked with many businesses to secure them the maximum rebate possible.  Recently we worked with one company that replaced 400w HPS with 200w LED fixtures.  Once completed, the facility was both better lit, and Amy secured rebates to cover 40% of the project’s cost!

Every project is a little different, depending on whether it is PPL or PECO.  But regardless of which utility company you have, if your facility is currently utilizing high-wattage lamps, there is a good chance that rebate money is available to you.  Contact Amy at Bergey’s Electric to find out if your company could benefit from a lighting upgrade!