Christmas Light Safety

It’s the Christmas light season!

Christmas lights are one of those things that add a sense of cheer to their surroundings. They also seem to be one of those items that you can’t get enough of. Add them in one spot, and you see another that needs them. Pretty soon, not only are lights everywhere, but so are extension cords.

Whether you have a couple of lights up or your yard is a veritable heap of extension cords, here are some ways to help keep your family and home safe from electrical accidents.

1. Test your GFI’s.

Ensure that all of your lights are plugged into GFI’s and verify that those GFI’s are working. Testing is easily accomplished by pushing the “test” button on the GFI and then the “reset” button. If the GFI does not turn off when you hit “test,” OR if it does not reset, then the GFI is faulty and needs to be replaced.  Have a licensed electrician, such as Bergey’s Electric, replace the GFI with a new one.

2. Check your extension cords.

You are looking for two things. One: verify that all of the cords are in good condition. They should not be frayed. Two: make sure plugs are not loose or have any wiggle in them.

3. Use plug protectors.

Cord protectors are designed to not only keep cords connected, but also keep them drier.

Keep your home safe.

If your lights are up, or if you have yet to put them up. Take some time this year to ensure your lighting display is safe for years to come.