Save on energy and maintenance with LEDs

For most businesses, parking lot and site lighting is a necessity.  Well-lit exteriors support in the security and safety of customers and staff alike.  However, when lamps go bad or start to dim, the security previously provided quickly turns to feelings of uncertainty.

Traditional site lighting loses approximately 50% of initial brightness at half the life of the lamp.

Plus they usually only last between 10 and 20,000 hours before burning out. This results in regular maintenance expenses replacing these high-wattage lamps.

There is a better way site lighting is perhaps where LED technology shines brightest.

In contrast to the short lives and decreasing efficiency found in the site lighting of the past, the high-quality LED lighting offered at Bergey’s electric are rated to last up to five times longer, while maintaining up to 90% of their initial output. This equates to fewer ongoing maintenance expenses and better light levels, all while using 50-75% less electricity!

LEDs are a great way to cut down on maintenance and energy costs.

Why not explore replacing aging site lighting with LEDs this year? Incentive programs exist through all major electric utilities to assist. Ask us what options are available for you!